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Our Goal is for you to LOVE your cycling experience

If for any reason, you don't love your purchase, please bring it back within 30 days.  We will refit it, adjust it, exchange it, exchange certain components, or give you your money back.

Jax is very fortunate to have such caring people in our organization.  Thank you for taking the time to recognize their efforts.


Jax Bicycle Center - Long Beach

Yelp:  5.0 star rating 3/13/2014

When I bought my Trek Caliber 5 I was hesitant to buy the tire warranty. Today I found out just how valuable it really is. I went for my ride today and found my tire was entirely flat. It took less than 10 minutes at Jax and there was no charge for labor or the new tube. The staff there are all friendly and make you feel welcome too. When you go to Jax to buy your bike or get a tune-up don't even hesitate to get the tire warranty.

Yelp:  5.0 star rating1/12/2014

Everyone I deal with at Jax Long Beach has been great. They helped me pick out a new bike. I went back looking for a padded seat because I do not have enough padding of my own. They correctly led me to padded bicycle shorts instead of a seat. I am so happy that they did. On my most recent visit they helped me pick out and install a new odometer. When I told them that I had not been able to mount the bike lock holder they offered to check it out for me. I really appreciate the effort they put into helping me get that done so I don't have to carry the lock in my backpack anymore. Thank you Errol, Chad and Travis. Also thanks to everyone that has helped me on previous visits.

Dale W.

Hi Dave,

I am a big proponent of giving credit when credit is due, and I want to give kudos to Jax Murrieta yet again on their outstanding customer service!   A few weeks back I bought my second bike, a Trek Madone Road Bike.  It was a big decision for me, I decided to give up my sport of skydiving after 30 years, sell my gear, and buy a road bike for my new sport for the next 30 years. 

After the great customer service I received from Jonathan when I bought my Skye Sl Disc, it was a no brainer where I would purchase my next bicycle.  Almost everyone at Jax had a hand in the purchase of my bike, Cathy sold it to me along with accessories, Justin gave me helpful hints on maintenance, Jordan initially introduced me to road bikes and was so patient with my finicky taste, taking the time to set up my bike to fit my short arms and legs, and getting it right until I was happy!  And what really impressed me was Jordan's enthusiasm about his recent trip to Trek and his confidence in the company and the product he sells, and that in turn gives me confidence in my decision to buy a Trek bike!  

I know without a doubt I made the right decision in buying my Trek Madone, and I am grateful to your team at Jax Murrieta for their excellent customer service!  I truly enjoy my biking experience!

Thank you,

Debbie D.

Matt Kirtley - Jax Bicycle Center

Dave, I met one of your managers, who helped me with my Bontrager wheel. He was able to exchange it under warranty. He was very professional.  

Thanks again.

Mike K

Nathan, Service manager Fullerton,

Hi Nathan, just wanted to let you know my daughter took the bikes out for a spin at the beach and they road like a dream.Thanks for all the hard work and great service and thanks for the postcard,a real touch of class.
Looking forward to shopping at Jax in the near future.
Thanks agian,
Alex R.

Gerard, Fullerton - Jax

Thanks again for taking the necessary action to 'make it happen' for us. The bottom line is, YOU did whatever needed to be done---driving to pick-up the Sunflower bike and having the bike built right away; making sure it was on the floor by the 23rd, etc.--
and making sure it was there for me.

My wife and kids love it, and I just wanted to pass along my personal thanks.
We will return in the future for our next family's bike purchase in part because of you.

Thank you.
Steve G.

Dear Jax Bicycle Center:

Hi, my name is Aidan D. and I wanted to let the guys know at the shop that the adjustments they made to my bike worked out great.  Thanks for the tune-up, information and great support.  
You have all made me feel extremely comfortable in a your Irvine store EVERYtime I come in.  

Thank you so much!


Aidan D.

Can we call it a "Club"?

Mechanical_bike_training_002_2Well, we did it.  A small group of  new acquaintances, got together for an evening of bike maintenance and training at the JAX Bicycle Center in Fullerton, California.  If we did it once, is it officially a "Club"?  Well, the way I look at it, we will probably all meet up again for more classes somehow or somewhere; so I am going to officially name the club "Club Care".  I love clubs, It signifies a fellowship about a passion, and that's a beautiful thing.  Hopefully I will never get stuck by myself because this is what I learned; well this is what they showed me, and I am sure they will have to show me a few more times. 

  • Wheel removal, which I performed on a beautiful "Red" Trek mountain bike
  • Tube removal, JAX gave us a set of tire levers
  • Tire patching - don't forget to let the glue dry first before placing the patch.
  • Tube installation, starting with the placement of the valve
  • Tire installation, which requires some strength from these computer weary hands.
  • Proper bicycle cleaning and lubing.  I stepped back and offered to take pictures. 

Many thanks to JAX Bicycle Center in Fullerton, CA for hosting the class and a special thanks to my bud Nathan Burke.  He was a great host and a very patient instructor who really cares for the well being of all bicycles no matter what color or speed.

Come Ride With Me. 

Thumbs Up- JAX Irvine Team!

I took off on a ride around  6:30 am  Sun. morning and after 30-40 min. I started riding along in Irvine with a women named Michelle.  Michelle and I chatted as we rolled along headed to Santiago Canyon to loop back to El Toro. (I was planning a shorter easier route... need to open in LB...   but good conversation can take you for a ride.)  Michelle was riding a Colonago, logging miles as she  trains for double centuries.  I told her I worked for JAX Bicycle Center and she proceeded to talk very highly of the Irvine team.  Michelle purchased her Colonago from Irvine and knew the staff by name.  She mentioned Brent, Mark, Pat, and Jermaine for taking care of her needs and the whole team for always making her feel welcome.  

Michelle- the mother of two college students, the grandmother of a two year old, ultra endurance athlete........  did not make me late for work,  did work me on the last climb, and did make me proud to be part of the JAX Team.

Thanks Team Irvine!

I just wanted to stop in to say that your
Irvine store is the most organized bicycle shop I have come across.  I was out your way on business recently and decided to stop in.  May I say as an avid road cyclist I would love to have a Jax near by in Colorado.  Your employees are very knowledgeable and friendly and I felt as if I was a guest in your store. You had just what I was looking for and I was very impressed that you were a Trek dealer. There is nothing like what you offer out here in Colorado.  There are many cyclist out this way that I know would love to have a local Jax Bicycle Center.  Hopefully you all will feel the same one day.  
Much respect,

To whom it may concern,
 I just want to commend your staff at the
Long  Beach shop for great customer service.  I purchased a Trikester a couple  of weeks ago and wanted to get a pink bell to match the bike for my daughters  birthday this Sunday.  I called on Thurday to inquire about the  bell.  I spoke with Lauren, who told me that she didn't have a pink bell  but would call another store.  I called back and she said she could get  it by the next Wednesday.  I asked what store had the bell, if I could  drive there since I needed the bell by this Sunday.  Robert said he could  get the bell by the next day.  I was very surprised that they would go to  so much trouble for me for a $10.00 bell!  I picked up the bell on Friday  and put it on the bike before I wrapped it for the party tomorrow.  I  hope you know that great customer service goes a long way.  I will  definitely be back to buy my son a bike for his birthday in a couple of months  and I have already told a couple of friends about my experience in your  store.
Thank you very much!
Jennifer L.

I just wanted to let you know I visited your Long Beach store and your employee, Tony, helped me with my purchase.  I am actually writing to you about Tony.

I want to thank you for having such a qualified and caring sales person.  I had gone to three other bike stores, and my experience at these other stores sent me heading for the door.  None of the people at the other bike shops had a clue of how to take care of a customer.  The other stores wanted to sell me a bike they wanted to sell, not what I wanted.  I got so frustrated that I gave up on making a purchase.  One of my friends told me to visit your Long Beach store.

Kudos to you, I will forever be one of your happy customers.  Tony helped me select the bike that was "right" for me.  He got on a bike and we took the one he thought would be best for me and took to the parking lot.  We went around once and I told him I wanted the bike.  I was ready to go ba ck inside the store and he insisted I stay on the bike for another go round so he could explain the bike features to me.  Not one other person in any of the other stores took any time to explain the bike, and none ever offered to go outside and ride with me.  
Tony was so courteous and caring to me.  I did buy a bike and accessories.  I told him I would return the next day and pickup the bike.  The next day, Tony went over every accessory I bought to make sure I understood how to operate everything properly.  I was amazed at the time he took with me.  He made sure I was happy and satisfied with everything.  I send you many kudos for such a fine employee.  I can now see why you have been in business so long.  You actually care about my needs.

Thank you and I hope you give him a pat on the back for a job well done!

Linda S.